From: James Hughes

To: Consultants

Do you want a kick ass 'Client-On Demand' system that will attract YOUR BEST CLIENTS at the flick of a switch!
A System We Set Up For You For FREE...
My name is James Hughes and I have a company 
that specializes in using Facebook Ads to help businesses like yours find more clients.

And I created this SHORT EXAMPLE PAGE to 
show you how I think I can help you guys to 
make a bunch of money. 
(In just 6 simple steps)

And not just only with getting more clients also 
with retaining those clients and promoting 
any new service that you want to offer.

Let me know what you think!
Let's Find Your Best New Client!
It All Starts With...
Discovery... Who is your best client you really want to work with and how can you provide insane amounts of value so they naturally spend more money with you. 
The Secret Formula:
  • ​Who is your dream client?
  • ​Where do they hang out?
  • ​How can we attract them to you?
  • ​What result do you want to give them?
The Value Ladder:
The "Secret Formula" helps you figure out who you want to serve, where they hang out, what bait you can use to attract them and where you want to take them, 
The "Value Ladder" helps you figure out what services and products you need to add so that your new best clients move from your bait to your high-end services
This is the first part in which we sit down together to discuss where you are now, where you want to get to and how I can help you get there. Once we know this I can get going and create and launch your own successful power plant that generates energy (clients) for your business at the flick of a switch.
After Discovery The Next Step Is...
Find & Target Your New Best Client! 
So using some cool tools on Facebook,
 we have the ability to show advertisements 
to virtually anybody that we want!
We Can Advertise By ALL These:
  • (By Distance) — X miles away from your {office} 
  • (By post codes) — Specific post Codes Only(By Income 
  • (By Age)
  • (Male or Female)
  •  (Interests) — very specific things they like on Facebook or have an interest in
  • (Groups & Events) If they joined, attended or follow any type of group or event
  • (Your Direct Competitors) If they have a relation on Facebook with one of your competitors (we can specifically advertise to them)
Example Of Our Ability To Target In Facebook Ads
So our ability to laser target your best new
client on Facebook (locally or on a larger scale) is unparalleled.
And we're just starting!
After we find the right person...
We show up in their Facebook Newsfeed with an Advertisement like...
And then we have this image that really catches attention
communicates the emotion they are feeling and then asks a question…
"[TARGET AREA] Who Else Wants To Feel (DESIRE) again with (OFFER) that allows you to (SOLUTION) specifically for (GOAL)…"
We pick the most attractive OFFER
 and create a promotion.
This is only ONE type of Facebook promotion we can run.
I can also show different promotions we can run
for you, using other proven methods.
(This just works especially well if you want to get a lot of
specific clients in the door, quick)
I’ve tested this specific promotion in several different markets and had a ton of success.
Now the only people who see this ad are the people we have selected – so it’s really powerful.
And once they have clicked this ad we take them to this page...
This is called the Image Background Landing Page
and I designed it by selecting an image
that most properly conveys
what the DESIRE/NEED may look like.
It looks really different than the average pages people
normally see and I think it really represents the professionalism
and special experience your BEST CLIENT will get when they come in. 
And here the text is really simple and says...
START (Add the desire/goal here you can help with)
And once they click “Give Me The Free Success Strategy Call” –
 that’s the moment when we collect their information.
And then we collect their name,
phone number and email-address.
And that’s the moment when
the lead comes to you!
So we do all the heavy lifting for you!
The Big Mistake That Most Business Make At This Point Is...
So one big mistake lots of companies are doing once a
customer requests their service is they simply
 send them to a page where they say...
“Thank you – we are going to contact you soon”.
But in reality the Thank You Page
is another opportunity to do 2 things:
1. Create urgency — to motivate people to take action now and avoid procrastination
2. Offer additional services — many people will want to bonus offers here!
So in this example we say:
So we are giving them a reason to call now,
which is going to save you time because you don’t have
to chase the leads the leads will come to you and your phone will ring.
We can also include bonus offers here.
Here you can offer additional services.
And by simply presenting them to your customers here, you will be surprised on how many will take action on both services!
What About Those That Don't Put In Their Email?
And for the people who didn’t take action – meaning they
came to this beautiful designed page
but they didn’t actually give their contact information?
We will continue to retarget them!
Meaning those ads that just follow you all around the internet everywhere you go?
We created those. And we say this:
And we have your office's phone number on there!
They will see this all the time they come online
so your business will stay top of mind.
This is extremely effective!
Basically your phone WILL ring!!
And lastly we designed a series of emails that
we’ll send out to each prospect
to continue to engage them and bring them into your office!
How cool is that?
In the past I have seen campaigns like this generate as many
as 17 leads in 24 hours...
And as you can see this was a TEST campaign I
created to show you how we COULD do something SIMILAR for your business.
All we would need to do is to fill in the blanks, tweak
the copy and you too could have your own
So, if you'd like me to run a campaign similar to this.
I would be more than happy to do this FOR YOU.
Now, I don’t believe in asking for your business,
I believe in earning it.
So, with your permission I would like to schedule a
FREE strategy call.
On the call you will learn exactly how we can work
together to create a winning campaign for your
And if we both agree on the proposal I will get to
work and create your POWER PLANT for YOU - and
we can discuss working together in the future.
My name is James Hughes, Sales Funnel Expert,
and I look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you!
Don't Just Take My Word for It...

Andrew Stotz

James is full of experience, positive energy, and action. He quickly put my sales funnel in place and was patient with me as I learned. He knows exactly what he is doing so there was no wasted time. Finally, he suggested the next step I should take and now I am hiring him to do that. Hire this guy, you won’t be disappointed.

Adam Frieberg

James is a genius! Not only did he help us figure out how to position our product for maximum conversions. He also got our leadcost down to below $1 in under 1 week!

Natasha Courtenay-Smith

I feel really lucky to have found James. He is just brilliant and understands entirely how to build sales funnels sites that build lists in order to sell products and raise brand awareness. He is really supportive and totally brilliant at seeing the big picture. If you’re looking for an internet marketing set up then he is your man.

Cathryn Chapman

James was fantastic to work with. He was funny, knowledgeable, and lovely to talk to. Clearly very experienced and knowledgeable about sales funnels, he set up two for my new website. Would happily recommend James to other people who want a marketing and sales funnel guru working on their site.